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Why Organic Cotton?

Posted on May 16 2019


Fashion is an ever changing department of trends, idols, styles and brands!! So how on earth can any of us make sense of it all! And when do we know if we are buying good quality eco-friendly garments?? 

Cotton is used in more than 40% of worldwide textile production. There are a staggering 100 million cotton farmers across the globe and over 70 million cotton workers suffer poisoning from toxins and pesticides every year! I was shocked to hear that 25% of all pesticides used worldwide are used on conventional cotton, and 20% of all freshwater pollution comes from the textile treatment and dyeing process causing sickness for the local communities.

One of the most shocking facts for me was that just one t-shirt made from non-organic cotton represents 2500 litres of water!! That’s crazy!!

So, when we learnt of this huge demand and devastating impact on the environment and workers, we decided very quickly to launch our spring/summer collection using 100% organic cotton! Safer for the workers but also a lot safer and kinder for the environment!

What exactly are the benefits to switching?

  • Less Irrigation – 90% less water consumption and uses rain water more efficiently
  • No use of toxic chemicals which reduces field emissions from fertilisers
  • It poses no health hazards for the cotton workers and their families.
  • Suitable for anyone that has allergies
  • Beneficial to animals and insects
  • Organic Cotton farming lowers the ecological impact on the environment! 

Caring for the world and the people we share it with is a life choice. Even research scientists have proven that organic apparels are best, especially for babies and kids, they are most vulnerable as they are still growing.

Begin to make a difference and look out for the GOTS certified symbol when you’re considering your next purchase.