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Tuck Shop Idea

Posted on March 23 2020

In light of the current Covid 19 situation we have been looking into ways in which we will be able to stay sane during the next few week to months of being at home with hungry kids.  We think this is a fab idea and we really wanted to share it with you all. It teaches them to make good food choices, how to spend money to a budget, plus hopefully helping parents as your kids won't eat you out of house and home!

Stay Safe  #istayhomefor  my family, kids, loved ones

Snack Shop

Open 9am – 7pm  Daily Allowance £1
SNACK                       Price
Chocolate Bar                    £0.50p
Sweets                                 £0.50p
Rice Cakes                           £0.30p
Crisps                                    £0.30p
Biscuits x 2                          £0.25p
Banana                                 £0.10p
Apple                                    £0.10p
Pear                                       £0.10p
Strawberries x 5                £0.20p
Carrot                                   £0.05p
Cucumber                           £0.10p 
Tomatoes x 4                      £0.10p
Cheese                                 £0.20p
Ham / Meat                        £0.20p
Yoghurt                                £0.30p
Smoothie                            £0.50p
Squash*                               £0.05p
Water*                                 FREE
£1 to get all snacks for the day, you must wait for Mummy/Daddy to get the snack after you have paid for it, You are not allowed to get anything from ANY of the food cupboards
You are only allowed one of each item per day, Money left over can roll into the following day
*Can have multiple times